Workshops 2014

Art Workshop
Maxine Henryson’s Studio
478 West Broadway, #3N
6-8 pm

Get inspired to use your inner divine in your creative process in this workshop. Ann Pachner is a visual artist, will help you meditate and draw from within using simple tools and materials. 

A Tour to the Hindu Temple 
The Hindu Ganesha Temple
45-57 Bowne St, Flushing, NY 11355
7-9 am

See a huge installation of Indian dolls arranged for the Navaratri festival. This is famously called the ‘Golu’, which is traditionally kept, in Indian homes during these 9 days. The tour will be led by Bhuvana Moorthy, a versatile artist and a devotional singer. The tour will end in a South Indian breakfast at the temple canteen. Come dressed in an India inspired attire. The temple strictly doesn’t allow jeans, shorts and tank tops.

Divada Dance Workshop 
Grounds of Barnard College
3009 Broadway, New York, NY 10027
6:30-9 pm

Divada means “lamp” dance. Divada dance is a folk dance from Gujarat, India. This dance is performed during the night and popularly during the Navarati festival. This dance is performed by holding lamps in the hand. The dance will lead by Aeilushi Mistry, a classical and folk dancer and an art educator. It will be accompanied with live music performed by Paulom, a drummer, percussionist and arts educator, on traditional Indian instruments namely Dholak and Damaru. Come dressed in an India inspired attire.

Dance-Story Telling 
A.I.R Gallery
111 Front St., #228, Brooklyn, NY 11201
7-7:30 PM

Rajika Puri will consecrate the last day of the Art Fast with her performance of a Sutradhari Natyam - Dance Storytelling of the Story of Sati. Her own singing and chanting will accompany the dance. Rajika Puri is an acclaimed exponent of two forms of Indian classical dance - Bharata Natyam and Odissi. Based in New York for over twenty years Ms. Puri brings a modern aesthetic to experimental choreography in Bharata Natyam. 

Dandiya Raas Dance Workshop 
Actors Theater Workshop
145 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001
5.30 - 6.30 PM

Dandiya is a folk dance of Gujarat, India where men and women move in circles and dance with sticks. What will be unique about this workshop is learning to dance with sticks and more interestingly Ms. Shah bringing in a contemporary touch to this traditional dance form. Minila Shah is the founder and Director of Ajna Dance, NYC which takes classes like Bollywood Bangra and Kathak. Born and raised in Canada Minila has trained extensively in the classical Indian dance form of Bharatanatyam. Come dressed in an India inspired attire.