• “What a lovely atmosphere you created. And such trouble you went to.”
    — Rajika Puri, performed at an Art Fast event. Curator of Erasing Borders Indian Festival of Dance
  • “I  feel very privileged to have shared what I have learned and feel with those whose heritage and lives are saturated with these truths.”
    — Ann Pachner, conducted an Art Fast art workshop. Professional Visual Artist
  • “The Break the Fast was so cozy and warm! I LOVE that we were able to talk and share, I saw the people’s interest. It was all sincere. Very glad I participated!.”
    — Natalie Burlutskaya, a yearly Art Fast participant. Founder of Re:Artiste
  • "First, my personal Art Fast gave me new insights to my art. So easy to get in our comfort zone and stay in the box. At first I felt very challenged by not having paper as the major element of my process. As I moved on, I really enjoyed exploring other possibilities/materials to create assemblages. I had previously used fabric and other elements before but never without paper leading the way."
    - Donna Bolkcom, an Art Fast participant, a visual artist from New York City
  • "9 days of participation in ArtFast, I think it has brought about significant changes to my approach to learning Art. Earlier I was not so persistent on my Arting but these 9 days of Navrathri really had me sitting at my desk flipping through web pages reading and learning many things about Art."
    - Kasturi Das, an Art Fast participant