Art Fast

The Inspiration

Art Fast is a cultural mapping process, through which people from different cultures can experience the universal elements of Hindu philosophy through a medium/practice that they best understand and relate to. Art Fast is centered on a 9-day Hindu festival called Navaratri. The essence of this festival is to connect with the divine creative energy that resides within all of us. While devoted Hindus fast (minimize food intake) during this festival in honor of the Goddess, Art Fast participants fast on their creative process / daily distractions and rejuvenate / discover their creative spirit.

The festival lasts 9 days, in which 3 primary forms* of the divine feminine are worshipped.
For the first three days, Shakti – the warrior goddess, is worshipped to inspire courage and find our inner strength.

For the next three days, Laxmi – the goddess of wealth, prosperity and beauty, is worshipped to help provide the means to live our daily lives in accordance with Dharma.

For the last three days, Saraswati – the goddess of learning, wisdom and creativity, is worshipped to understand the truths underlying all existence. Participants are encouraged to find parallels in their Art Fast process and map their journey in a similar fashion. 


Participation can be in two ways:


Fasting is a form of constraint and Art Fast is based on the premise that constraints can lead to creativity. Many of the artists who participated in the previous sessions of Art Fast reported having breakthroughs in their art practice. The mode of participation depends on the individuals identifying themselves as creative/non-creative. 

1. For those who are already in a creative field: Fasting is equivalent to abstaining from usual art materials and art processes, and seeing how their creativity flows. 

2. For those who are not already in a creative field and wish to explore their creative side: Fasting is equivalent to removing daily distractions/hobbies and indulging in a creative challenge. 


Art Fast has the characteristics of any festival — celebrating together with music, dance, fashion, food and shard experiences. Art Fast has several events that are uniquely designed to create a transformational cultural experience. Creative professionals who insist on active participation and inspire creative thinking in various forms, such as music, dance, performance, visual art, fashion, food etc, lead these events. These usually take the form of workshops and panel discussions and are organized in New York City, where Art Fast is based. Art Fast participants are encouraged to attend these events to help complement their fasting experiences and engage with other participants.